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Custom Mylar Bags

You may have the top-shelf weed products everyone is looking for, but that’s only part of the equation in the cannabis industry. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and let your customers know who you are, you should consider custom mylar bags to package your product.

The CaliDrip offers wholesale prices on bags and other packaging you can customize to your liking to give your products a sense of quality and professionalism. We’ve got everything from ⅛ ounce bags up to pounds as well as customizable jars and pre-roll tubes.

If you’re looking for a simple move that can take your business to another level, this may be the answer for you. 

How It Works

When you order custom mylar bags from The CaliDrip, the process is a fairly simple one. All you need to do is the following:

Enter Your Information

The only personal information we need from you to start is your first and last name, email address, and phone number.

Upload Your Design

If you’ve got a design in mind, make sure you’ve got it saved on your computer or other device because we will need you to upload that and include it in your submission.

Provide Other Information

Next, you’ll need to let us know if you want double-sided prints and if you will need to have your own design created for you. If you do, keep in mind that it will add to the overall cost of your custom mylar bags.

Types of Bags

We have a number of options when it comes to the size and style of your custom mylar bags. Choose from 3.5-gram, 7-gram, 14-gram, ounces, and pounds for your standard bags, or you can choose custom-designed jars or pre-roll tubes.

Material Type

Add another layer of style to your custom mylar bags by choosing between three different materials. The options include a regular transparent, matte finish, and holographic finish.

Briefly Describe Your Order

The final section is your chance to describe what you’re hoping the finished custom mylar bags will look like. Give us some brief notes to work with and then submit, and we will be in contact with you to discuss further.

What Is Mylar?

Mylar is actually a brand name that has become synonymous with the product itself. It’s a stretched polyester film with some amazing properties that make it incredibly useful for storing weed flower and other weed products.

Mylar bags are super strong while remaining lightweight, they have a low rate of oxygen transmission, they retain moisture and odor, and they keep out light.

The Benefits of Custom Mylar Bags

If you are not already using mylar bags, there are plenty of reasons to consider switching over. And if you are using mylar bags but you are not using customized ones, there are also plenty of reasons why you should make the switch. Several of those reasons are included below.

Preserving Your Products

Light, air, humidity, and heat can degrade the quality of your weed fairly rapidly if you don’t provide your products with the necessary protection. Custom mylar bags can defend your inventory from these elements, keeping it fresh and ensuring that you don’t lose money or provide your customers with subpar products.

Containing Odor

Many cannabis business owners and probably every single one of their customers enjoy the smell of the weed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to smell like it at all times. Mylar has a low oxygen transmission rate, which means that smells are contained within them with great efficacy.


Just about any other storage option that is as lightweight as mylar is going to be significantly less durable, and that is because mylar is unusually strong for how light it is.
This durability is particularly comforting when it comes to storing your products long-term. You won’t have to worry about holes being torn in your bags and destroying the quality of your products.


There are plenty of competitors out there offering similar products to what you’ve got in your inventory, but not all of them have custom mylar bags displaying their logo. Custom bags give customers a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness not offered by anyone else.

Brand Awareness

Standing out from the competition takes more than having quality products. You need to build up your brand so that it is recognizable even by people who have never shopped with you. Custom mylar bags can help you do that. They don’t just hold your products; they also serve as a functional advertisement for your business. 

Why Choose The CaliDrip?

Your business is your livelihood, which means you should never settle for less than the best, even when it comes to something like your packaging. So what exactly makes The CaliDrip the company to choose?

Custom Options

Not all bag wholesalers are currently offering an option for customization, which makes going with us a no-brainer in the event that you are in the market for custom mylar bags.

Quality Bags

Not all mylar bags are created equal. If you want to ensure that your products are safely packaged in a material that is not cheaply made and not cheap-looking, then going with The CaliDrip is a great option. 

Huge Selection

Even if you are not looking to go the custom route, we have plenty of other options out there for you. Take a look at our selection of mylar bags and other products, and you will likely find that we have just about everything you need.

Wholesale Prices

You are better off telling your customers to store your weed in their back pocket if the price you’re paying for mylar bags is going to kill your margins. Fortunately, we have the wholesale prices you need to stock up on quality bags without killing your bottom line.

Custom Mylar Bags from The CaliDrip

If you would like to know more about our custom mylar bags, reach out to The CaliDrip today.