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JEETER 1G BLUE ZKITTLEZ Pre-roll Tube Packaging

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Zkittlez Packaging

For anyone who prefers the more traditional means of toking up but is short on time and patience, pre-rolled joints are the way to go.

Instead of worrying about grabbing papers, a grinder, your weed, and a rolling tray so you can do all of the work yourself, you can just pick up a perfectly rolled, super-potent J that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

But if you’re the one who’s selling those pre-rolls, keep in mind that these beautiful pre-made products are rather delicate, and they need protection, not just while they’re a part of your inventory but after you’ve sold them to a happy customer and sent them on their way. That’s where pre-roll packaging from The CaliDrip comes in.

Suppose that you’re looking to sell Zkittlez Jeeter pre-rolls in your smoke shop or dispensary, and you want to add some extra protection to your product, as well as an extra level of quality and professionalism. In that case, our Jeeter packaging is your answer.

Stock up on anywhere from 10 to 500 tubes at once for a wholesale discount that can save you money and protect your margins while also protecting your pre-rolls. It’s a simple way to elevate your inventory. 

Our Jeeter Packaging

Jeeter is one of the most well-known and highest regarded makers of potent pre-rolls in the country, so it only makes sense that you’d want to offer some of their products in your smoke shop or dispensary. They produce a wide variety of pre-rolls using various notably powerful strains, one of them being the fan-favorite indica, Zkittlez.

The 1g Zkittlez pre-rolls from Jeeter are what this packaging is designed specifically for. The Zkittlez packaging comes with the following:

  1. Tube
  2. Plastic cap
  3. Reflective sticker

The reflective sticker displays the Jeeter 1g label along with the strain name and other useful information for your customers.

Wholesale Prices on Our Zkittlez Packaging

We offer our Zkittlez packaging in quantities of 10, 50, 100, and 500 tubes and at wholesale prices, so the more you buy, the less you pay per unit.

A 10-tube order comes in at $3.50 per tube, a 50-tube order comes in at $3.10 per tube, a 100-tube order comes in at $2.50 per tube, and a 500-tube order comes in at $2.20 per tube.

We hope these discounts can help you keep your margins where you want them while also boosting the appeal of your products and keeping them safe before and after purchase.

The Benefits of Our Jeeter 1g Zkittlez Packaging

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should buy packaging for the pre-rolls you offer in your smoke shop or dispensary, check out the following benefits that our Jeeter packaging has to offer.

Greater Protection for Your Product

Pre-rolls are rather delicate, and it wouldn’t take much for your inventory to get damaged if you chose not to put them in any packaging. With our pre-roll tubes, you can protect your products from the various threats they face during shipping, storage, display, and even after purchase.

Sure, you’ll be paying for that protection, but in the long run, it may actually save you more by helping you avoid an inventory catastrophe.

Clear Labeling

It’s convenient for both you and your customer base to keep your pre-rolls clearly labeled with the strain they’re made with, the amount of weed they contain, the company that created them, and any other information that might prove useful to the consumer.


Both the Zkittlez strain and the Jeeter brand are selling points for your product, as they’re both well-known and respected in the cannabis community. If you want your pre-rolls to stick out to customers, simply let them know you have a quality product with some simple packaging.

Added Professionalism

There’s plenty of competition out there that’s doing everything they can to stand out from you and all of the others, so your best bet is to do everything you can to stand out, too.

One of the simplest ways to do that is by bringing a level of professionalism and raising the perception of your product’s quality with high-quality packaging. Things like this may seem small but can prove to be the edge you’re looking for against the competition.

Wholesale Prices

Of course, you want the best margins possible, and going for pre-roll packaging means either slimming them down a little bit or raising the price of your product, but you can mitigate that issue significantly while also enjoying all of the benefits we’ve listed here, with the wholesale prices that we offer at The CaliDrip.

Grab a large quantity of our pre-roll tubes at once, and you can save a ton of money per unit.

Why Choose Us?

When picking up products or packaging for your smoke shop or dispensary, you want to make sure you’re working with a business you can trust to provide you with the best deals on the best products. Here’s why The CaliDrip can be that business for you.

High-Quality Products

It’s more than just the quality of the weed in the pre-roll. You want your pre-roll products to be the total package. The look, feel, and overall appeal of our packaging can provide you with exactly that.

Huge Product Selection

If you love our Jeeter packaging, we’ve got plenty more products you’re bound to love. We offer a wide variety of mylar bags for protecting your flower inventory and boosting your product appeal, a huge selection of bongs and rigs, a ton of high-quality trays, and a lot more.

Super Fast Shipping

It’s a fast-paced industry operating in a fast-paced world. You’ve got no time to wait around for your pre-roll packaging, and our super fast shipping can help ensure that you won’t ever have to.

Great Prices

We offer competitive prices and wholesale deals that, when combined with the quality of our products, make for a total package that’s difficult to resist.

Interested in Pre-Roll Packaging?

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